The Bub's Brothers 1.6.2

Multi-player network clone of classic game Bubble Bobble

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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The Bub's Brothers is a fun version of the Bubble Bobble board game.

When you begin playing the game, you'll see that it's rather easy and that the graphics are colorful. This is an addictive game with two dragons to play as, one being green and the other being blue. You have to get through various dungeons, defeating enemies in order to get points and other items that will help you get to the next level. The dragons will spit out bubbles that will trap their enemies. This means that the enemy can't move and is defeated.

When the bubbles go away, you will see an item that can help you get through the game, such as fruit, a sundae or a gem. Each item does something different for the dragon, such as giving rapid bubble shooting power. Some of the items that you find will clear a room of all of the enemies, making the level a little easier to defeat. Many of the items that you find will just give you points that can be used to advance.

Each level can be seen on the screen. If you happen to fall through the floor, then you're taken to the top of the previous level, and you have to work your way back up again. This can take some time, and it's why the game can get frustrating. However, the colors and the fun sounds make up for the falls and challenges that you face with encasing the monsters with bubbles as some of them will try to fight against you. If you play the same levels over again, you might come across the same enemies that you have already defeated.

One of the things to consider with the game is that it can lag. When you spit the bubbles, you might not see the bubble entrap the enemy when you want it to, which can mean the difference between completing the level and having to do it over again. You'll also see that some of the items that you're left with after defeating the enemies will do more harm in the level than provide help. One of the items will create more monsters on the screen that you have to defeat, which can be very frustrating because you think that they are all gone when there are double or triple the number that was there before.

Another issue that you might face is that your dragon will jump in sporadic movements that you can't control. This can sometimes mean that you fall through the floor, taking you back to the beginning of the level. The controls are easy to grasp, which can make the game a bit easier instead of learning how to walk and jump in the game.


  • Fun characters
  • Numerous levels to get through
  • Several items to help along the way


  • Same monsters are hard to kill
  • Some levels are difficult and frustrating

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